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Workplan 2009 Pilot Schools Pilot Contacts Russia Experts Seminar Programm Varied Models

Safe School Project. Work plan for 2009

Presentation of the project (ppt, 85 kb)

Research timetable of the pilot schools in the process of projecting the varied model of the Safe School (MS Word, 248 KB)

1. Baseline study phase

1.1. Analysis of the current situation

  • Results: Set of questionnaires, tools and technologies to analyse the situation at schools in the directions of the project; analytical report , seminar
  • Timetable: January - April, 2009, May - seminar on the model presentation
  • Persons responsible: A.Mikhailov, V.Kirilina, E.Kazko, G.Stolyarov/ M.Gvozdeva, G.Saraev

    1.2. Study of the best practices; Finland, Russia

  • Results: analytical report, preparation of the guidelines, description of the models
  • Timetable: October, 09
  • Persons responsible: M.Gvozdeva, G, Saraev A.Mikhailov, I.Smirnova

    1.3. Establishing the network of professionals of students welfare

  • Results: network of professionals, working meetings
  • Timetable: February - May, 09
  • Persons responsible: A.Mikhailov, G.Saraev

    1.4. Activating FIN schools to cooperate with RUS pilot schools

  • Results: visit to Lapeenranta, FIN-RUS school networks
  • Timetable:October - December, 09
  • Persons responsible: I.Smirnova, M.Gvozdeva

    1.5. Training needs analysis in the pilot schools

  • Results: analytical report on the training needs in pilot schools, identification of the models
  • Timetable:May, 09
  • Persons responsible: A.Mikhailov

    1.6. Designing the public awareness campaign

  • Results: publications in the local mass media, project/ pilot schools site
  • Timetable: throughout the year 2009
  • Persons responsible: G.Saraev

    2. Piloting phase

  • Results: choice of the models and their piloting
  • Timetable:May - December, 2009
  • Persons responsible: A.Mikhailov

    2.1. Preparation of guidelines and material for the pilot schools

  • Results: 2 seminar materials and guidelines, consultations and workshops for the pilots
  • Timetable: 2 seminars in May, September/ workshops and seminars by appointment
  • Persons responsible :L.Isaeva, A.Mikhailov, E.Boiko

    2.2. SC meeting; work shop for experts and pilot school personnel

  • Results: SC meetings decisions, minutes, reports
  • Timetable: February, 09/ second SC - to be scheduled
  • Persons responsible: S.Nisimov, M.Gvozdeva