About us

Karelian Educational Development Foundation (KEDF) was founded on September 15, 2000 as a non-governmental, non-commercial organization (NCO) within the framework of the Megaproject "Development of education in Russia (secondary education)". The project was financed by the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation).

Karelian Educational Development Foundation is:

  • one of the public components of the development of the regional education system;
  • a system of guarantees of project implementation in the area of education: technological, resource, normative and financial provision.

Activities of the Foundation are directed at the development of the system of education of the Republic of Karelia as well as at the support to the educational process perfection, at the improvement of quality of the education, and also at the promotion of the projects (including the international ones) in the area of education. In general, the work of the Foundation may be characterized as a system of normative and financial guarantees of the realization of social initiatives and projects in the area of education.

KEDF potential:

  • Expert evaluation of educational projects.
  • Organization of training of various target groups.
  • Fund-raising and assistance in the search for grant-giving organizations and partners.
  • Development and implementation of the projects in the area of education.
  • Consulting services.

KEDF structure

Governing body

Board of Trustees

Karelian Educational Development Foundation

Executive management

  • Executive management
  • Secretary
  • Accountant

Governing body

Razbivnaya G.A.
The Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia
Mirolyubova D.O.
Program director of the New Eurasia Foundation (Russia)
Saraev G.A.
Executive director

Board of Trustees

Katanandov S.L.
Head of the Republic of Karelia
Titov A.F.
Chairman of the presidium of the Karelian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Science

KEDF cooperates with

  • Ministry of Education and Youth affairs of the Republic of Karelia
  • Institutions of Higher educational of RK
  • Various educational institutions of Karelia
  • Regional department of the all-Russia public organization "Molodezhnoye Edinstvo" of RK
  • National Training Foundation
  • National Board of Education, Finland
  • "Helsinki Consulting Group", Consortium of the Finnish companies
  • National Center for Professional Development in Education "OPEKO" (Opetusalan Koulutuskeskus), Finland
  • University of Oulu (University consortium, Kajaani), Finland
  • Center for Innovative Education (CIA), Lithuania
  • "Moscovskiy Komsomolets" in Karelia" newspaper
  • etc.

The KEDF activity includes 9 municipalities of the Republic of Karelia, over 70 schools and about 150 republican experts.

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Parthers of KEDF

The Ministry of Education and Youth of the Republic of KareliaThe Ministry of Education and Youth of the Republic of Karelia
Ministry of Education, FinlandMinistry of Education, Finland
Finnish National Board of EducationFinnish National Board of Education
University of Vaasa, FinlandUniversity of Vaasa, Finland
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